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Reader Question: Texting Tenants

I received this question a few days ago from a reader – what do you think of texting with your tenants? When I first started managing my properties I was happy to hand out my cell number in order to promptly respond to my tenants requests.  I thought that I was being a helpful landlord […]

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Push Vs. Pull Tenant Payment Systems

Rent collection is one of the important processes and systems that occur every month in your residential real estate business. Since it is a reoccurring task you will want to make it as smooth as possible for both you and your tenants. I have not heard anyone else describe rent collection in this way, but […]

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Saving Money On Rental Property Insurance

If you have heard me speak at an event in the past, I would have mentioned that you should be a proactive, rather than a reactive real estate entrepreneur.  But what does that mean?  Especially when you are looking at different ways to make small improvements which increase the cash flow that you have in […]

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